Step 2 - Prepare articles

The next step is to draft the articles of the corporation. The articles will be attached to the Certificate of Continuance that is issued to the corporation by Corporations Canada. The Certificate of Continuance and the articles together become the corporation’s constitution and replace the letters patent.

The articles of a corporation are to be set out in a form that is provided by Corporations Canada. The form is called Form 4031 – Articles of Continuance (transition). It is available as a fillable PDF form on Corporations Canada’s website.

The form sets out the following articles:

  • Corporate name
  • Province or territory where the registered office is situated
  • Minimum and maximum number of directors or the fixed number of directors
  • Statement of the purpose of the corporation
  • Restrictions on the activities that the corporation may carry on, if any
  • The classes, or regional or other groups, of members that the corporation is authorized to establish
  • Statement regarding the distribution of property remaining on liquidation
  • Any additional provisions that the corporation may want in its articles

Additional information you may find useful in preparing articles:

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