Instructions for completing Form 4 – Articles of Amendment


You are providing information required by the CBCA. Note that both the CBCA and the Privacy Act allow this information to be disclosed to the public. It will be stored in personal information bank number IC/PPU-049.

Item 1 - Corporate name

Provide the name of your corporation as indicated in the articles of the corporation.

Item 2 - Corporation number

Indicate the corporation number. You will find the corporation number on the certificate of incorporation, amalgamation or continuance. You can also find it using the Corporations Canada online database.

Item 3 - The articles are amended as follows:

Use the appropriate section below depending on the change being made:

A. The corporation changes its name to:

Indicate the new proposed corporate name of the corporation.

The proposed name must include one of the following legal elements: Limited, Limitée, Incorporated, Incorporée, Corporation, Société par actions de régime fédéral, Ltd., Ltée, Inc., Corp. or S.A.R.F.

Since it is mandatory to write Ltd., Inc., Corp. and S.A.R.F. with a period, Corporations Canada will add one if it is not already included.

The proposed name must be distinctive and it must not be misleading or likely to be confused with names used by other organizations and businesses. In general, a corporate name is distinctive if it does not make those who encounter it think of another organization or business. See Name a Corporation for more information.

For your corporate name you can choose:

  • a unilingual name (i.e., English or French)
  • a combined bilingual name (e.g., Cars ABC Autos Inc.)
  • separate English and French forms of the name - start each name on a separate line:
    • e.g., Cars ABC Ltd.
    • ABC Autos Ltée
  • a numbered name - leave a blank space (where Corporations Canada will insert an assigned number), followed by the word "Canada" and the legal element of your choice, such as Incorporated, Inc., Limited, Ltd., Corporation, Corp., etc.
    • Example: Canada Limited

You must include a valid Nuans Name Search Report unless the new corporate name will be a numbered name (e.g., 123456 Canada Inc.). A Nuans Name Search Report is also not needed if the only change to the name is to the legal element.

Corporations Canada will use the Nuans Name Search Report to determine whether the name is distinctive and otherwise meets the requirements of the CBCA. The Nuans Name Search Report must be dated not more than ninety (90) days prior to the receipt of the articles by Corporations Canada.

More information about choosing a name is available on the Corporations Canada website.

B. The corporation changes the province or territory in Canada where the registered office is situated to:

Indicate the province or territory in Canada where your registered office will be situated.


Do not include the street address here. The street address will be indicated on Form 3 - Change of Registered Office Address.

C. The corporation changes the minimum and/or maximum number of directors to:

Indicate the new minimum and maximum number of directors. If the number is fixed, indicate the same number in both boxes.


Do not include or remove an individual director's information here. The removal or addition of directors is done using Form 6 - Changes Regarding Directors.

D. Other changes, please specify:

Use this section to change any other provision in the articles (e.g., to the classes of shares, to restrictions on share transfer, to restrictions on the business of the corporation or to any other provisions that are set out in the articles). Clearly indicate whether the amendment is to add, remove, replace or change a provision in the existing articles and identify the sections, paragraphs or sub-paragraphs you are amending.

If the space available is insufficient, please attach a schedule

Item 4 - Declaration

This form must be signed by either a director or an authorized officer of the corporation. Please print the name and indicate the telephone number of the signatory.

Filing fee

Include the filing fee when submitting Form 4 - Articles of Amendment.

How to submit

File online: Online Filing Centre

By email:

By facsimile: 343-291-3409

By mail:
Corporations Canada
235 Queen Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0H5

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