Instructions for completing Form 14.1 - Articles of Arrangement

You are providing information required by the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA). Note that both the CBCA and the Privacy Act allow this information to be disclosed to the public.  It will be stored in personal information bank number IC/PPU-049.


  1. All statutory references are to the CBCA.
  2. This form is to be used to obtain a Certificate of Arrangement once a court has approved the arrangement.
  3. The arrangement must comply with the requirements of section 192 of the CBCA.
  4. If the space available is insufficient, please attach a schedule.
  5. If you require more information in order to complete this form, please consult Corporations Canada.
  6. A draft of this form should be sent to Corporations Canada prior to final submission.

Items 1 to 4

Indicate the corporate name and corporation number for CBCA corporations only.

Item 5

Indicate the corporate name and corporation number for CBCA corporations only. For other bodies corporate, indicate the name and the jurisdiction under which they are governed.

Item 6 (a)

Indicate both the previous corporate name and the new corporate name.

Item 6 (b)

All of the information required on Form 9 – Articles of Amalgamation should appear clearly in the plan of arrangement as well as in a schedule attached to the Articles of Arrangement.

Item 7

These articles must be signed by a director or an authorized officer of the applicant corporation or of one of the applicant corporations.

What else to include

You are required to submit the following with your completed form:

  1. A copy of the court order
  2. The plan of arrangement
  3. Form 2 – Initial Registered Office Address and First Board of Directors, if applicable
  4. Form 3 – Changes of Registered Office Address, if there was  a change in the registered office address
  5. Form 6 – Changes Regarding Directors, if there was a change regarding the directors
  6. A Nuans name search report, if applicable
  7. The filing fee for arrangement

How to submit

File online: Online Filing Centre

By email:

By facsimile: 343-291-3409

By mail:
Corporations Canada
235 Queen Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0H5

For more information

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