Name Granting Compendium

May 3, 2010

PDF version - Name Granting Compendium (PDF 535 KB, 43 Pages).

This compendium sets out the name granting policy of Corporations Canada, who is responsible under the Canada Business Corporations Act and the Canada Corporations Act for ensuring that names proposed for Canadian corporations meet the requirements of the Acts and their regulations.

  1. Introduction to Name Policies
  2. Confusion
  3. Absolutely Prohibited
  4. Qualifiedly Prohibited
  5. Obscene Names Prohibited
  6. Lacking Distinctiveness
  7. Deceptively Misdescriptive
  8. Not-for-Profit Organizations
  9. Bilingual Names
  10. Other Issues
  11. Annex A — Canada Business Corporations Regulations, 2001

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