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Get a certificate of compliance or a certificate of existence

These certificates are often needed to support a loan request or to provide assurance to a potential supplier or buyer you are looking to enter into a contract with that your corporation exists and has not been dissolved.

The certificates issued will show the following information, as of the issuance date of the certificate:

  Certificate of compliance Certificate of existence

The corporation exists under the legislation

It means that the corporation has not been dissolved, amalgamated into another corporation or discontinued (export), causing the company to become governed by another law.


Yes, but it states the existence at a specific date or a specific time period

The corporation has filed the required annual returns with Corporations Canada



The corporation has paid all required fees



The date of issuance

The certificate will be dated as of the day Corporations Canada issues the certificate.

The certificate cannot have a date prior to its issuance. The issuance date might not be the date on which the request is received by Corporations Canada.



Corporate name change


The certificate  indicates the current corporate name (even if the corporation may have existed under a different name during part of the specific time period requested).

What to know before you start


If you are requesting a certificate for a cooperative, please send an email with the type of certificate you need and the information listed above (see How to file and pay an application).

How to get a certificate of existence for a time period when a corporation was governed by the Canada Corporations Act (CCA)?

Corporations Canada cannot issue a certificate of compliance or a certificate of existence under the NFP Act for a time period when a corporation was governed by the CCA.

However, Corporations Canada can issue a letter of existence instead that certifies the corporation existed under the CCA at a specific date or for a specific time period.

Send a written request to Corporations Canada stating that you would like to get a letter of existence with the following information:

There is no fee for a letter of existence related to the CCA.

Failure to meet certificate requirements

If the corporation does not meet Corporations Canada's requirements for issuing a requested certificate, Corporations Canada will send the applicant notice of refusal indicating the reasons why the certificate cannot be issued. The fees are non-refundable.

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