Business corporations

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Everything you need to create and operate a business corporation. Read on or incorporate now.

Creating and operating a business corporation

Is incorporation right for you?

What you need to consider before incorporating

Steps to incorporating

The 5 steps to incorporating

Next steps following incorporation

I’m already incorporated. What else do I need to know?

Directors and officers

The duties and liabilities of a corporation's directors and officers

Share structure and shareholders

The classes of shares, and rights and responsibilities of a corporation's shareholders

Corporate records and other corporate obligations

Maintaining records and keeping your corporation in good standing

Changing the structure or nature of the corporation

What you need to know when you change a corporation’s structure or nature

Services, fees and turnaround times

Costs and turnaround times of our services


Links to guides, forms, policies, models and legislation

Register of individuals with significant control (ISC)

What you need to know to prepare your Register of individuals with significant control.

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